Merrin Bedside Teaching Faculty Development Program

Despite the many reasons to go to the bedside, many physicians are not comfortable with bedside teaching and do not go into patients’ rooms with the intention to teach (Miller, 1992; LaCombe, 1997). This resistance has created a generation of teachers uncomfortable and unfamiliar with the basic principles of teaching at the bedside. 

Bedside encounters are opportunities for physician-educators to teach clinical basics and complexities and to role model key skills, including team work, professionalism, ethics, cultural sensitivity, medical interviewing and involving the patient in all aspects of his or her care.

In 2003, with generous support from the Merrin Family, we designed, implemented and evaluated a theory-based faculty development program (Janicik R W., Fletcher, K E.. Teaching at the bedside: a new model. Medical Teacher 2003; 25 (2): 127-130)  to improve the proficiency and quality of bedside teaching in the Department of Medicine/Division of General Internal Medicine. Our intent was and remains, providing patient centered, compassionate care for every patient. This program is led by Drs. Adina Kalet and Mitchell Charap.

In 2006, we initiated the next phase of our program, the two-year Merrin Master Clinician Fellowship Program.

For more information on the Fellowship Application & Selection Process please click here.