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Biomedical Imaging & Technology PhD Training Program Biomedical Imaging & Technology PhD Training Program Students & Alumni

Biomedical Imaging & Technology PhD Training Program Students & Alumni

Students in NYU Grossman School of Medicine’s Biomedical Imaging and Technology PhD Training Program hail from a variety of backgrounds. Current and past students joined our program with prior undergraduate and graduate training in fields that include biology, bioengineering, cognitive science, computer science, medicine, and physics.

Since its founding in 2006, our PhD program has consistently trained independent, collaborative scientists in the highly interdisciplinary domain of medical imaging research. During training, students have made significant contributions to the development of novel imaging methods, some of which are now used in clinics around the globe. Collectively, our students have authored and co-authored scores of scientific articles in peer-reviewed journals, presented findings in talks at international scientific meetings, won accolades for original research, and secured start-up funding through entrepreneurial competitions.

Upon graduation, our alumni are highly qualified to take jobs in academia or industry. To date, 20 people have earned PhD degrees in the program. One person left the program after earning an MS degree, and four PhD graduates have obtained academic faculty appointments. Others have entered the private sector as research scientists and engineers, joined biotech or financial consultancies, pursued postdoctoral specialization, or enrolled in medical training.

Biomedical Imaging and Technology PhD Training Program Current Students

Graduate students who have earned an MPhil degree in the program are considered doctoral candidates.

Anna Chen, MPhil
BS in cognitive science, University of California San Diego

Zhengnan Huang, MPhil
MS in bioinformatics, University of Michigan–Ann Arbor

Chenyang Li, MPhil
MSE in chemical and biomolecular engineering, Johns Hopkins University

Ying Liao, MPhil
BA in biomedical engineering, Tsinghua University, China

Andrew Mao
BS in biomedical engineering, Johns Hopkins University

Jungkyu Park, MPhil
MS in data science, NYU

Timothy Phan
MS in electrical engineering, Rutgers University

Sarah Shaykevich, MPhil
BS in bioengineering, University of Pittsburgh

Jonathan Shor, MPhil
MS in computer science, Columbia University

Yu Veronica Sui, MPhil
MA in psychology, NYU

Zhe Sun
MD, Hebei Medical University, China
MS in bioinformatics, University of Southern Carolina

Radhika Tibrewala
MS in biomedical imaging, University of California San Francisco

Ruoxun Zi
MS in biomedical engineering, Johns Hopkins University

Biomedical Imaging and Technology PhD Training Program Alumni

Alumni from our program have gone on to hold research and development positions in academia and industry.


Jonghyun Bae, PhD
Thesis: Quantitative Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Blood-Brain Barrier Permeability


Faye McKenna, PhD
Thesis: Quantifying Microstructural, Microvascular, and Neuroinflammation Pathology in Psychotic Spectrum Disorders Using Multi-Modal MRI Neuroimaging Methods


Carlotta Ianniello, PhD
Thesis: Multinuclear Magnetic Resonance of the Breast

Zidan Yu, PhD
Thesis: Extending the Scope of Magnetic Resonance Fingerprinting


Hong-Hsi Lee, MD, PhD
Thesis: Revealing Brain Microstructure with Time-Dependent Diffusion MRI

Gregory Lemberskiy, PhD
Thesis: Time-Dependent Diffusion in the Body

Harikrishna Rallapalli, PhD
Thesis: Manganese-enhanced MRI (MEMRI) for Longitudinal Study of Cerebellar Disease in Mice


Gillian Haemer, PhD
Thesis: Optimizing Radiofrequency Coil Performance for Parallel Magnetic Resonance Imaging at Ultra High Field: Evaluation and Optimization of Integrated High Permittivity Materials

Nicole Wake, PhD
Thesis: Three-Dimensional Anatomical Models Derived from Radiological Imaging Data: Creation and Application in Kidney and Prostate Cancer


Gang Chen, PhD
Thesis: From Surface Loop Coil to Dipole Antenna: Radiofrequency Coil Designs Inspired by Ideal Current Patterns for High-Sensitivity MRI at High Magnetic Field Strength

Manushka Vaidya, PhD
Thesis: Steering Electromagnetic Fields in MRI: Investigating Radiofrequency Field Interactions with Endogenous and External Dielectric Materials for Improved Coil Performance at High Field


Jeiran Jahani, PhD
Thesis: A Global Approach to Tracer Dynamics


Li Feng, PhD
Thesis: Rapid and Continuous Magnetic Resonance Imaging Using Compressed Sensing

Giselle Alexandra Suero-Abreu, PhD
Thesis: In Vivo Imaging Approaches to Study Tumorigenesis in Preclinical Cancer Models


Leeor Alon, PhD
Thesis: Radiofrequency Energy Quantification in Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Gene Young Cho, PhD
Thesis: Noninvasive Analysis of the Tumor Microenvironment of Breast Cancer Using DiffusionMRI

Kamila Szulc, PhD
Thesis: In Vivo Imaging of Early Mouse Brain Development