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Internal Medicine Residency Curriculum Internal Medicine Residency Outpatient Training

Internal Medicine Residency Outpatient Training

Because most medical care occurs in ambulatory settings, an essential component of NYU Langone’s Internal Medicine Residency is training residents in all aspects of office-based practice. We ensure that residents are comfortable caring for patients with both acute complaints and chronic conditions outside of hospital settings.

At our ambulatory care sites, residents are responsible for all aspects of patient care, including screening and prevention, diagnosis and management, and referral to subspecialty clinics, with supervision from preceptors.

NYC Health + Hospitals/Bellevue Adult Primary Care Center

Patients at the adult primary care center at NYC Health + Hospital/Bellevue come from all over the city and around the world. The center is staffed by almost 40 faculty internists, 20 advanced practice practitioners, and 100 residents. The clinic hosts over 60,000 patient visits each year, including primary care, urgent care, specialty primary care, and nursing visits.

Residents assigned to Bellevue are members of the resident firm and are assigned to one of 10 teams. During the three year time period you serve as a primary care doctor in continuity clinic, you consistently work with the same two to four preceptors. As a result, despite how large and busy the primary care center is, you work within small, stable teams, with clinic colleagues who are devoted to resident learning and patient care.

The ambulatory care center at Bellevue offers a full service of medical, surgical, obstetrics and gynecology, and psychiatric clinics, as well as access to laboratory and radiologic testing. Patients without insurance can purchase medication at no or low cost from the Bellevue outpatient pharmacy.

VA NY Harbor Healthcare System Primary Care Clinic

The primary care clinic at the VA NY Harbor Healthcare System works on a medical home model. Dubbed the Patient Care Aligned Team (PACT), a group of physicians, a registered nurse care manager, a licensed practical nurse, and a clerical staff member, all work together to care for a panel of patients. Each team is assigned a dedicated psychologist, nutritionist, pharmacist, and social worker. All house staff with continuity clinic at the VA are assigned to one of three resident PACT teams, which include five to six preceptors; each resident is assigned a unique preceptor from the PACT team. This structure allows the residents to work alongside an interprofessional team and develop a longitudinal relationship with a preceptor. You care for a group of veterans of various ages that have a range of chronic conditions.

The VA clinic site is staffed by 21 full-time and part-time physicians and 63 residents and handles more than 44,000 patient visits annually. The Manhattan campus of the VA NY Harbor Healthcare System offers a full service of medical, surgical, gynecology, and psychiatric clinics. It also offers onsite laboratory and radiologic services, as well as urgent and emergent care.

NYU Langone Internal Medicine Associates

NYU Langone Internal Medicine Associates is a continuity site for a subset of residents on the NYU Langone Categorical Medicine track. This location offers primary care as well as treatment for a number of subspecialty conditions. Residents also gain exposure to urgent care triage and management of common complaints.

The clinic offers residents the chance to work with an interdisciplinary team to provide longitudinal continuity care to patients and to work closely with specialists to co-manage complex chronic conditions, including advanced heart failure, diabetes, and organ transplantation.

NYC Health + Hospitals/Gouverneur

NYC Health + Hospitals/Gouverneur is dedicated to ensuring that all New Yorkers have access to high-quality care regardless of ability to pay or immigration status. The ambulatory care center at Gouverneur provides affordable and comprehensive healthcare services at convenient sites on the Lower East Side.

As a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC), Gouverneur engages closely with the local community to help provide exceptional patient care. The center is a freestanding health clinic with many specialties, labs, radiology, and pharmacy services available on site. For the few services that are not available in house, the clinic’s electronic medical record is integrated with Bellevue to allow patients access to every test or specialist they may need.

Primary care residents see a diverse array of continuity patients in the Gouverneur and Bellevue outpatient clinics and work closely with a dedicated group of about 20 preceptors, many of whom are graduates of NYU Langone’s Primary Care Residency Track. This provides exposure to many different preceptors who have a range of teaching styles and expertise. Residents are also paired with an attending buddy, who supervises care more closely and provides educational continuity.

Along with your attending buddy, you are integrated into the clinical team, which consists of nurses and medical assistants. The faculty at Gouverneur is dedicated to providing a valuable educational experience so that you gain confidence in becoming an excellent primary care doctor.

Family Health Centers at NYU Langone

The Family Health Centers at NYU Langone is one of the largest Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) networks in the nation. This network of Brooklyn-based community health specialists includes 8 primary care and specialty clinics, more than 40 school-based health and dental clinics, an extensive behavioral health program, and a community medicine program that treats homeless and marginalized populations throughout New York City.

The Family Health Centers serve more than 100,000 patients, average 600,000 doctor’s visits annually, and provide a wide array of social support services for adults, children, and families. Most patients live in the Sunset Park neighborhood, an ethnically and socioeconomically diverse neighborhood in southwest Brooklyn. Many patients who receive care at NYU Langone Hospital—Brooklyn receive outpatient care through the Family Health Centers, allowing for smoother transitions of care and unique follow-up opportunities after hospital discharge.

Residents have continuity clinic at Sunset Park Family Health Center at NYU Langone—55th Street and Park Ridge Family Health Center at NYU Langone. Dedicated core faculty act as preceptors and ensure high-quality care for patients and a small group learning environment for residents.

The Family Health Centers at NYU Langone offer social services, as well as primary care, medical subspecialties, addiction medicine, HIV primary care, behavioral health, dental, and rehabilitation medicine. Financial assistance is available for the uninsured through sliding scale fees, as well as a medication assistance program.