NIH Grant Information

  • Overview of NIH Grant Process
  • Weekly NIH Funding Opportunities and Notices
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  • NIH Standard Due Dates
    New R01 applications – February 5, June 5, October 5
    Renewal, Resubmission, Revision of R01 – March 5, July 5, November 5
    P series program project and center grants – January 25, May, 25, September 25
    New K series – February 12, June 12, October 12
    Renewal, Resubmission, Revision of K series – March 12, July 12, November 12
    F series fellowships – April 8, August 8, December 8
    T series training grants – January 25, May 25, September 25
  • NINDS Funding Strategy FY2016
    For Research Project Grants:
    • "We anticipate that approximately 20% of all eligible competing Research Project Grant applications will be funded this year.  We have set aside approximately $140 million of the total funds available for competing awards to fund investigator-initiated grants that were not submitted in response to special initiatives. New (Type 1), competing renewal (Type 2), and competing supplement (Type 3) grants will be funded in percentile rank order up to the 14th percentile. Modular grants will be awarded at an average of 87.5% of the Council-recommended direct cost level. Non-modular applications that request more than $250,000 direct costs in any year, will be awarded at an average of 82.5% of Council-recommended direct costs." 
    • “NINDS will award four years of support for many applications that requested and were recommended for 5 years. A limited number of 5-year awards will be approved based on percentile rank of application, type of research (e.g. longitudinal studies and clinical trials may require 5 years to be completed), and new investigator status of applicant.”
  • Special Initiatives:
    • High Program Priority applications – grants within 10 points of payline may be nominated for case-by-case consideration by Council
    • New Investigators will in some cases be funded even with percentiles beyond the payline at the discretion of the Council.
  • NIMH Funding Strategy FY2016
    For New, Competing Renewal, and Competing Supplement Grants:
    • Modular grants will be fully funded, and non-modular grants will be reduced on average by 10%.
  • NIAA Financial Management Plan
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  • NIGMS Financial Management Plan
  • NIH Policy on New and Early Stage Investigator Policies
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