NYU School of Medicine House Staff Salaries and Benefits

The salaries for NYU house staff:

Level NYU Base Rate 
​(effective 7/1/17, including meal stipend)
Bellevue Salary
(effective 7/1/17, including meal stipend)
PGY 1 $65,676.59 $64,569
PGY 2 $68,251.97 $67,121
PGY 3 $73,403.89 $72,223
Chief Year $75,829.68 $74,624


Residents are either paid by NYU or Bellevue each post-graduate year. Usually, we are able to accommodate specific requests to be paid and receive benefits from one or the other. Additionally, we are typically able to accommodate requests to move from one payroll to the other from one post-graduate year to the next. However, we cannot switch people from one payroll to the other during a given year.

Benefits Websites

There are two websites where residents may obtain information regarding the benefits offered at NYULMC and Bellevue. For Bellevue, visit the Office of Labor Relations website for up-to-date information. For NYULMC, visit the Graduate Medical Education website.