Message from the Patrick Cocks, MD, Residency Program Director
Assistant Professor, Department of Medicine

Patrick Cocks, MD

Two of the most important questions to ask when choosing an internal medicine program are:

1. Will I learn how to think critically and develop confidence in my decision-making abilities?

2. Will my clinical exposure be sufficiently diverse?

Addressing these 2 questions highlights the outstanding strengths of internal medicine training at NYU. Our credo is that you learn more by making decisions than by watching someone else make decisions. We give you the support that enables you to make decisions. Diversity of clinical exposures is the basis of our program. While in training at NYU, you will rotate at 3 hospital centers: Bellevue Hospital, Tisch Hospital, and the Manhattan VA.

We firmly believe that the broad-based exposure to different patient populations and hospital systems that occurs during training at NYU will provide you a foundation for success in any future career. Combine this extraordinary diversity with the unparalleled camaraderie amongst housestaff, and access to some of the finest physician-scientist mentors in the country, and you will emerge as one of the most competent physicians in your field.

Come here, and you will be taught to think critically and act decisively. You will care for the disenfranchised, the CEOs, and the World War II and Iraqi veterans. You will visit Zimbabwe, Honduras and Tibet without ever leaving New York. You will see leishmaniasis, periodic paralysis, atrial myxomas, and fifty kinds of pulmonary infections. Your life will be touched on a daily basis, by the patients, your colleagues, and the wonders of medicine. Once you join us, you may never want to leave.

Categorical Tracks - Internal Medicine
Residents graduating from the “NYU Traditional Categorical Track” or the “NYU Tisch-Kimmel Categorical Track” will have expertise in a broad array of medical care, with a balance of inpatient, outpatient, and research activities.  Graduates of these tracks move on to fellowships in a wide variety of specialties, as well as hospital and general internal medicine.

Primary Care Track
This track is designed to educate the next generation of practicing physicians to adapt to an ever changing health care system and to distinguish them as uniquely equipped to deliver holistic patient care. Residents receive similar training to those in the Categorical track, with added focus and time on primary care of the underserved.

NYU Brooklyn Internal Medicine Training Track in Community Health
The NYU Brooklyn Internal Medicine Training Track in Community Health is a three year internal medicine training program located in the Sunset Park neighborhood of Brooklyn, NY.  The program includes inpatient medical training at the NYU Brooklyn Hospital (formerly Lutheran Hospital), as well as outpatient training within the Family Health Centers of NYU Brooklyn, a large network of Federally Qualified Health Centers.
The program is guided by a mission for caring for patients in the diverse community that surrounds the hospital and its clinics.  In doing so, residents develop medical skills, diagnostic acumen and cultural competency that will prepare them for careers as specialists or primary care physicians.

Physician Scientist Track
The PSRP pathway represents a “short track” into fellowship and research training, by allowing residents to complete only two, instead of the usual three years of an internal medicine residency. PSRP trainees will have the option of first completing the mandated clinical fellowship training followed by 3 years of dedicated research, or alternatively, completing the dedicated research prior to the clinical fellowship years.

Clinician Investigator Track
This 3-year categorical track is intended for those applicants interested in a translational research career.  In addition to many of the elements of our outstanding clinical training, residents in this track will be sponsored to complete certification in the CTSI Intrepid Program – with credits applicable to a Masters’ Degree in Clinical Investigation.  Paired with clinical research mentors, these residents will engage with our research faculty early and continuously through the training program.

Preliminary Track
The preliminary program at NYU offers an opportunity to learn Internal Medicine in preparation for careers in Dermatology, Neurology, Radiology, Ophthalmology and more.

NYU Internal Medicine Training tracks:

NYU Internal Medicine Training tracks

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