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Cytometry & Cell Sorting Laboratory Instruments & Services On-Chip Microfluidic Cell Sorter

On-Chip Microfluidic Cell Sorter

The expert staff at NYU Langone’s Cytometry and Cell Sorting Laboratory can train and certify you to operate our On-Chip microfluidic cell sorter. This instrument offers six color measurements from three colinear lasers and gentle cell sorting. A specialized, user-supplied microfluidics chip eliminates the potential for cross-contamination.

Reserve this instrument using iLab (Kerberos ID and password required).

On-Chip Microfluidic Cell Sorter
NYU Langone’s Cytometry and Cell Sorting Laboratory offers an On-Chip microfluidic cell sorter for investigators.

On-Chip Location

NYU Langone
Science Building
435 East 30th Street, Room 449

On-Chip Optics

3 lasers and 6 colors (see configuration)

On-Chip Biosafety Level

  • BSL-2 (unscreened human material or infectious material)
  • set-up and decontamination for infectious sorts are the user’s responsibility

On-Chip Pricing

  • $49 per hour: Perlmutter Cancer Center users
  • $52 per hour: non–Perlmutter Cancer Center users
  • $77 per hour: external academic users
  • $103 per hour: external industry users

In addition, use of this instrument requires a sorting chip. This can be obtained from the Cytometry and Cell Sorting Laboratory for $62 each or directly from the vendor in boxes of 10. Please see our purchasing instructions.

On-Chip Sample Preparation

  • All samples are run directly on either an 80µm or 150µm microfluidics chip.
  • Concentration should not exceed 1 x 10^6 cells/mL in order to ensure optimal sample flow and sorting.
  • Always bring extra media to dilute if necessary.
  • Filter all samples as close to sorting time as possible.

On-Chip Sample Collection

  • Both sorted and unsorted fractions are collected directly on the chip.

On-Chip Tutorials

On-Chip Cell Sorter Configuration

Review the configuration of the On-Chip Cell Sorter below, or access a printable document.

On-chop Cell Sorter Configuration