Neuroscience Institute Faculty Affiliates

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Cellular and Molecular


Cognitive and Behavioral





About the images: Top Row (L-R): Motor axons (green) that branch from an intramuscular nerve and form synapses (red) with muscle from the Burden Lab; Sonograms overlayed with an intracellular recording from a microdrive implanted in the premotor forebrain nucleus of a zebrafinch in the Long Lab; Mouse in a T-maze from the Buzsaki Lab.

Bottom Row (L-R): A topology graph of a 2-D circular open-field environment representing the time evolution of the rat hippocampal ensemble spike activity during spatial navigation from Zhe (Sage) Chen; Domains of myelinated axons stained by the Salzer lab - sciatic nerve fibers stained for sodium channels (green) at the nodes of Ranvier; flanked by the paranodal junctions stained for Caspr (blue), and the juxtaparanodes  enriched in Kv1 channels (red); Diffusion Tensor Imaging of fiber tracts in the human brain from Mari Hagiwara.