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Past Leadership Development Programs

NYU Langone offers programs designed to support the development of faculty as leaders in education. To learn more, contact the Educator Community at

Undergraduate Medical Educators Leadership Development Program

The Undergraduate Medical Educators Leadership Development Program, offered by NYU Langone’s Office of Medical Education, was designed for select faculty to develop the leadership skills necessary to succeed in their roles in undergraduate medical education.

The program had the following objectives:

  • to develop a better understanding of process and change management
  • to explore the concept of stakeholder interests and acquire specific tactical approaches to conflict situations
  • to learn strategies for managing the personal and relational challenges posed by a feedback conversation
  • to develop and provide additional resources for advising and mentoring skill enhancement

2017 Participants

Jeffery Alpert, MD
Chanda Bradshaw, MD
Victoria Dinsell, MD
Fabio Ferrari, MD
Ann Lee, MD
Daniel Lugassy, MD
Laura Malaga-Dieguez, MD, PhD
Lisa Malter, MD
Dennis Popeo, MD
Pamela Rosenthal, MD
Maria Shiau, MD
Kristen Thomas, MD
Jose Torres, MD

Graduate Medical Educators Leadership Development Program

In collaboration with NYU Langone's Office of Graduate Medical Education and Organizational Development and Learning, the Graduate Medical Educators Leadership Development Program provided an onboarding experience and peer-support network for program directors and associate program directors.

Topics covered in past courses included leadership development, strategic planning, conflict resolution, and negotiation skills. The following is a sampling of past course titles:

  • Creating a World-Class Program
  • Living with Multiple Stakeholders
  • Dealing with Challenges
  • Conflict Management
  • Getting the Attention and Support of Your Chair and Faculty
  • Leadership Styles: The Impact of Climate and Styles

Our cohorts have consisted of experts spanning multiple disciplines, including the following faculty:

2018 Participants

Jeremy Branzetti, MD
Chloe Chhor, MD
Susan Cohen, MD
Patricia Dugan, MD
Mary Kristine Ellis, MD
Elizabeth Fino, MD
Deana Gazzola, MD
Francine Hughes, MD
Koto Ishida, MD
Meera Kesavan, MD
Arielle Kurzweil, MD
Melissa Lesko, DO
Salvador Portugal, DO
Louai Razzouk, MD, MPH
Jonathan Vigdorchik, MD

2017 Participants

Kevin Du, MD, PhD, MSCI
David H. Harter, MD
Margaret Horlick, MD
Rahil Jummani, MD
Jo-Ann M. Latkowski, MD
Seth M. Lieberman, MD
Jeffrey Manko, MD
Cecilia L. Mercado, MD
Louis Miller, MD
Glyn Morgan, MD, MSc
Cesar Fors Nieves, MD
Donna P. Phillips, MD
Michael Pillinger, MD
Michael Poles, MD, PhD
Barbara Porter, MD, MPH
Amy Rapkiewicz, MD
Wayne Stokes, MD