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Ion Laboratory Ion Laboratory Services & Fees

Ion Laboratory Services & Fees

The Ion Laboratory at NYU Langone is available for service Monday through Friday from 9:00AM to 6:00PM.

You can check the availability of instruments and make reservations using iLab. All users must be registered in iLab and trained by our staff before using any instrument.

Consultation Services

After an initial free feasibility assessment, we offer a consultation service on experimental design using the technology of your choice. Our staff members can also consult on technical optimization, choice of reagents, and data analysis throughout your project.

For consultation and project design, we charge $40 per hour for NYU internal users, $68 per hour for external nonprofit users and $100 per hour for external for-profit users.

Instrument Training Services

All of the IonLab instruments are available for self-use after you are trained by core staff. We provide theoretical and practical training for the manual patch clamp system, CytoPatch2 automated patch clamp system, and Flexstation® 3 microplate reader.

Instrument Self-Use Services

For self-use, researchers are responsible for providing and properly storing their own reagents such as cells, media, and transfection reagents. Researchers can use our cell culture facilities, but all of the cells maintained there must test negative for mycoplasma.

Instrument Self-Use Fees

Instrument NYU Internal Rate (per hour) External Nonprofit Rate (per hour) External For-profit Rate (per hour)
Manual patch clamp system $20 $34 $50
CytoPatch2 automated system $30 $51 $75
FlexStation® 3 No cost $34 $50
Micro-osmometer No cost $9 $13
Electrolyte analyzer No cost $9 $13
EVOS microscope No cost $9 $13