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Ion Laboratory

The Ion Laboratory (or IonLab) is a shared electrophysiology service for NYU Langone investigators, as well as other academic and industry partners. The IonLab is a resource initiated by the Ion Channels and Transporters in Immunity Research Program directed by Stefan Feske, MD. Our services include a range of techniques, including patch clamping of brain slices and isolated cells, cell volume determination, measurements of intracellular Ca2+, thallium flux assays as an index of K+ channel activity, and other measurements of transporter and ion channel activity that are necessary to maintain cell health and facilitate cellular functions.

As a brief overview of our work history, we have completed or are currently involved with projects from investigators across campuses at NYU Grossman School of Medicine, NYU Langone Hospital—Long Island, NYU at Washington Square, and NYU College of Dentistry. Outside of NYU, we have a National Institutes of Health (NIH) subcontract with the University of Minnesota to perform brain slice patch clamp assays, and we are actively working with several industry partners.

Users can utilize IonLab instruments by themselves (“self-use”) or experiments can be performed by IonLab staff (“fee-for-service”). In the latter case, an additional charge is levied to account for personnel costs. When electing self-use, users must be trained to use the equipment by IonLab staff. A request for training can be made in iLab.

Learn more about available IonLab equipment and our pricing structure.

Contact Us

The IonLab is led by Soomin Song, PhD. For more information, or to schedule a consultation or service request, please email

The IonLab is located on the sixth floor of the Smilow Building on the main campus of NYU Grossman School of Medicine at 522 First Avenue in Manhattan.

How to Acknowledge the IonLab

Please use the RRID in all of your citations when using the core.

If you have used instruments, services, expertise, or data provided by the IonLab for research that is published in any form or used in grant applications, media releases, or any other media format, please acknowledge the IonLab as “NYU Langone Health’s Ion Laboratory” (RRID: SCR_021754). Support for the IonLab is partially provided through the Office of Scientific Research, NIH R01 AI097302, NIH subaward D009105901, Sophion Industries, and Nanion Technologies Inc., and should be acknowledged where appropriate.

Please inform us of the publication of any data that were created by our staff or instruments and consider authorship when our staff members have significantly contributed to the development of your experimental design or to your published content.