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Biostatistics Resource

NYU Biostatistics Resource, located within the Division of Biostatistics in NYU Langone’s Department of Population Health, offers an array of collaborative biostatistical and data science capabilities. Our faculty and staff work with investigators at every stage of the research process to generate hypotheses, design studies, conduct analyses, interpret results, and produce scholarship.

We collaborate with many research groups at NYU Langone, including Perlmutter Cancer Center, the Clinical  and Translational Science Institute, the Center for the Investigation of Environmental Hazards Environmental Health Statistics and Bioinformatics Facility Core, and the Alzheimer’s Disease Center’s Data Management and Statistics Core.

Our faculty are experts in a wide range of complex biomedical studies, including the following areas:

  • clinical trial (standard, adaptive, pragmatic) design, analysis, and oversight
  • observational (case-control, cohort, complex survey, registry, electronic health record, and real world) study design and analysis
  • laboratory experimental design and analysis
  • high throughput experiment design and downstream data analysis (microarray, omics sequence data, and others)  

Examples of advanced statistical and analytical methods that we perform include the following:

  • complex/hierarchical model fitting
  • clustering, classification, and prediction
  • survival analysis
  • longitudinal analysis
  • multivariate analysis
  • network and tree analysis
  • supervised machine learning
  • integrated high-dimensional omics data analysis

We also offer short- and long-term collaborative support and grant development activities to faculty, staff, and students.

Short-Term Support Activities

Short-term consultations work best when investigators have well-defined questions with relatively small datasets. For this, we offer investigators a free initial meeting to describe a specific project. We determine the workload and how long it will take to perform the work needed to complete the project, and present an agreement to the investigator that includes the associated fee for this support. Below are examples of short-term support activities that we provide:

  • developing pilot study designs
  • calculating sample size and power
  • developing a statistical analysis plan
  • performing statistical analysis on a prepared dataset
  • preparing abstract or other presentations
  • preparing manuscript (either initial or for a revision)

Collaborative Support

Collaborations might be supported by a funded long-term grant project or by a department, center, or research group that wants to have a “retainer” on biostatistics support. This support can be utilized for proposal development, manuscript writing (authorship policy applies), statistical analysis, presentations within the department by biostatistical staff, presence at departmental research meetings, participation in journal clubs (methodological review), assistance with research conference presentations, and K-award mentoring. An ongoing collaboration plan agreement would be established with us.

Grant Development

The strongest grants are those that have biostatistical collaboration from the beginning of the design process. Our biostatisticians are available to participate in grant development in various ways:

  • assisting with the formation and operation of a proposal development team
  • assisting the investigators in refining study questions and measurement methods
  • developing study and experimental designs
  • writing statistical analysis plans
  • computing precision, power, and sample sizes necessary to achieve a given precision of estimation or a given power

Timeline for Request

It is preferable that biostatistical expertise be included as early as possible in the proposal development. Please contact us at least two months before a grant submission deadline to provide assistance with proposals. If not, we will provide support only if we have resources available.

Contact Us

NYU Biostatistics Resource is located in Manhattan at 180 Madison Avenue, fifth floor. Huilin Li, PhD, is the director.

To submit an inquiry, please complete our request form. You can also contact us at

Learn more about us, including our team and the expertise we provide to investigators.