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Lung-Chi Chen, B.S., Ph.D., M.S.

Old Public Health (OPH) Room 211
t: +1 646 754 9445
e: lung-chi.chen@nyulangone.org
Interests: inhalation toxicology, ambient particles, nanotechnology, cardiovascular effects, atherosclerosis, ultrasound imaging, air pollution, vascular physiology
Dr. Chen's detailed website

Chen Lab


Max Costa, Ph.D.
Professor and Chairman

Old Public Health (OPH) Room 107B
t: +1 646 754 9443
e: max.costa@nyulangone.org
Interests: carcinogenesis, DNA methylation, gene expression, metals
Dr. Costa's detailed website

Costa Lab 



Suresh Cuddapah, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor

Old Public Health (OPH) Room 216
t: +1 646 754 9458
e: suresh.cuddapah@nyulangone.org
Interests: epigenetics, epigenomics, chromatin structure, histone modifications, insulators, environmental carcinogenesis
Dr. Cuddapah's detailed website

Cuddapah Lab 



Wei Dai, Ph.D., M.S., B.S.

455 First Ave (PHL) Room 803A
t: +1 212 263 5521
e: wei.dai@nyulangone.org
Interests: cell cycle, checkpoint control, mitosis, genomic instability, carcinogenesis
Dr. Dai's detailed website

Dai Lab


Terry Gordon, Ph.D., M.S., B.S.

Old Public Health (OPH) Room 208
t: +1 646 754 9450
e: terry.gordon@nyulangone.org
Interests: inhalation toxicology, genetic susceptibility, ambient particles, chronic beryllium disease, occupational exposure limits
Dr. Gordon's detailed website

Gordon Lab 



Chuanshu Huang, M.D., Ph.D.

Old Public Health (OPH) Room 215
t: +1 646 754 9457
e: chuanshu.huang@nyulangone.org
Interests: environmental carcinogenesis and cellular signaling; gene expression, protein modification and degradation; cancer invasion and metastasis
Dr. Huang's detailed website

Huang Lab


Dr Jin

Chunyuan Jin, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor

Old Public Health (OPH) Room 213
t: +1 646 754 9455
e: chunyuan.jin@nyulangone.org
Interests: chromatin structure, epigenetic mechanisms, histone variants, gene expression, carcinogenesis
Dr. Jin's detailed website

Jin Lab 



Catherine B. Klein, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor

Old Public Health (OPH) Room 302A
t: +1 646 754 9464
f: +1 646 754 9465
e: catherine.klein@nyulangone.org
Interests: epigenetics, genome instability, cytogenetics, arsenic, metals, antioxidants
Dr. Klein's detailed website

Klein Lab


Nirmal K. Roy, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor

Old Public Health (OPH) Room 217A
t: +1 646 754 9474
e: nirmal.roy@nyulangone.org
Dr. Roy's detailed website



Hong Sun, M.S., Ph.D., B.S.
Assistant Professor

Old Public Health (OPH) Room 214
t: +1 646 754 9459
e: hong.sun@nyulangone.org
Dr. Sun's detailed website




Moon-Shong Tang, Ph.D.

455 First Ave (PHL) Room 801 
t: +1 212 561 6580 ext. 259
e: moon-shong.tang@nyulangone.org
Interests: DNA damage, repair, UVC-induced photoproducts, acrolein, UVA, AFB1, melanomageneis, hepatocarcinogeneis, lung and bladder carcinogenesis
Dr. Tang's detailed website

Tang Lab 



George D. Thurston, Sc.D.

Old Public Health (OPH) Room 210
t: +1 646 754 9454
e: george.thurston@nyulangone.org
Interests: air pollution epidemiology, asthma, ozone, particulate matter aerosols
Dr. Thurston's detailed website

Thurston Lab 



Isaac I. Wirgin, M.Phil. Ph.D.
Associate Professor

Old Public Health (OPH) Room 202
t: +1 646 754 9449
e: isaac.wirgin@nyulangone.org
Interests: chemical carcinogenesis, gene regulation, genetic variability, Hudson River pollution, mitochondrial DNA, oncogene activation
Dr. Wirgin's detailed website

Wirgin Lab 



Judith T. Zelikoff, Ph.D.

Old Public Health (OPH) Room 209
t: +1 646 754 9451
e: judith.zelikoff@nyulangone.org
Interests: immunotoxicity, immunotoxicology, inhaled pollutants, macrophage activation
Dr. Zelikoff's detailed website

Zelikoff Lab 


Joint Appointments with Environmental Medicine


Ahn Pic

Jiyoung Ahn, Ph.D., M.S., RD
Associate Professor
180 Madison Avenue, Room 414
t: +1 212 263 3390
e: jiyoung.ahn@nyulangone.org
Interests: microbiome, human genetics, dietary factors, air pollution, and chronic disease epidemiology
Dr. Ahn's detailed website



Alan A. Arslan, M.D.
Associate Professor

180 Madison Avenue, Room 321A 
t: +1 646 501 3666
e: alan.arslan@nyulangone.org
Interests: epidemiology, cancer, ovarian, reproductive events
Dr. Arslan's detailed website



Yu Chen, Ph.D., M.P.H., B.S.

180 Madison Avenue, Room 514
t: +1 646 501 3596
e: yu.chen@nyulangone.org
Interests: environmental and dietary factors are related to the risk of cancer and cardiovascular disease, epidemiologic studies of risk factors related to systemic inflammation on chronic diseases
Dr. Chen's detailed website



George Friedman-Jimenez M.D.
Assistant Professor

462 First Avenue, Room A722
t: +1 212 562 4572
f: +1 212 562 4574
e: george friedman-jimenez@nyulangone.org
Interests: occupational epidemiology and clinical epidemiology
Dr. Friedman-Jimenez's detailed website



Judith D. Goldberg, Sc.D.

180 Madison Avenue, Room 451
t: +1 646 501 3643
f: +1 212 263 8570
e: jd.goldberg@nyulangone.org
Interests: design, conduct and analysis of clinical trials, statistical methods of epidemiology and analysis of observational data, statistical issues in medical screening
Dr. Goldberg's detailed website



Richard Hayes, Ph.D.

180 Madison Avenue, Room 415
t: +1 646 501 3375
e: richard.hayes2@nyulangone.org
Interests: genetic and environmental determinants of colon, prostate, and head & neck cancer
Dr. Hayes' detailed website



Tomas Kirchhoff, Ph.D.
Associate Professor

522 First Avenue, Room 1206 
t: +1 212 263 9418
e: tomas.kirchhoff@nyulangone.org
Interests: genetic cancer susceptibility, genetic variation, breast, colon, prostate cancers, lymphoma, genome-wide association analysis, next-generation sequencing
Dr. Kirchhoff's detailed website


HuilinLi Pic

Huilin Li, Ph.D.
Associate Professor 

180 Madison Avenue, Room 552
t: +1 646 501 3651
e: huilin.li@nyulangone.org
Interests: biostatistics in genetic and cancer epidemiology, survey methodology, small area estimation and diseases mapping
Dr. Li's detailed website



Mengling Liu, M.S., Ph.D., B.S.

180 Madison Avenue, Room 554
t: +1 646 501 3652
e: mengling.liu@nyulangone.org
Interests: survival analysis, longitudinal data analysis, semiparametric inference, statistical genetics
Dr. Liu's detailed website



Michael Marmor, M.S., Ph.D.

180 Madison Avenue, Room 953
t: +1 646 501 3374
e: michael.marmor@nyulangone.org
Interests: epidemiology, HIV/AIDs, human immunodeficiency virus, disaster epidemiology, World Trade Center health effects, asthma
Dr. Marmor's detailed website


Oh Pic

Cheongeun Oh, Ph.D., M.A., B.A.
Assistant Professor

180 Madison Avenue, Room 550
e: cheongeun.oh@nyulangone.org
Interests: Statistical genetics, Bayesian model selection, clinical trials
Dr. Oh's detailed website



Joan Reibman, M.D.
Associate Professor

NBV 7 7N24
t: +1 212 263 6479
f: +1 212 263 8442
e: joan.reibman@nyulangone.org
Interests: adhesion molecules, airway epithelial cells, alveolar macrophages, asthma, tuberculosis
Dr. Reibman's detailed website



Yongzhao Shao, M.A., Ph.D., B.S.

180 Madison Avenue, Room 455
t: +1 646 501 3645
e: yongzhao.shao@nyulangone.org
Interests: biostatistics, study design, risk assessment, genetic association analysis
Dr. Shao's detailed website



Leonardo Trasande, M.D., M.P.P.

403 East 34th St, Room 115
Floor 7 Room 711
t: +1 646 501 2520
e: leonardo.trasande@nyulangone.org
Dr. Trasande's detailed website



Anne Zeleniuch-Jacquotte, M.D.

180 Madison Avenue, Room 511
t: +1 646 501 3595
e: anne.jacquotte@nyulangone.org
Interests: women's health, sex hormones, epidemiology
Dr. Zeleniuch-Jacquotte's detailed website


Part Time Faculty




Jason Blum, Ph.D., M.S.
Assistant Professor

e: jason.blum@nyulangone.org
Dr. Blum's detailed website



Fredric Jay Burns, Ph.D.
Research Professor

e: fredric.burns@nyulangone.org
Interests: cancer, environmental, prevention, radiation, ultraviolet, radiobiology
Dr. Burns' detailed website



Beverly S. Cohen, Ph.D.
Research Professor

e: beverly.cohen@nyulangone.org
Interests: airborne contaminants, respiratory tract, airway deposition, ultrafine particles
Dr. Cohen's detailed website



Mitchell D. Cohen, Ph.D.
Associate Professor

Old Public Health (OPH) Room 301D
t: +1 646 754 9463
e: mitchell.cohen@nyulangone.org
Interests: vandium, chromium, pollutant metals/mixtures, cytokines, immune cell, inhalation, ozone
Dr. Cohen's detailed website

Cohen Lab


Hugh L. Evans, Ph.D.
Research Professor

e: hugh.evans@nyulangone.org
Interests: behavioral disorders, biomarkers, bioterrorism, metals, toxicology
Dr. Evans' detailed website



Gabriele Grunig, D.V.M., Ph.D.
Research Professor

e: grunig01@nyu.edu
Interests: lung biology, immunology, asthma, interleukins, translational science responses to the airborne environment by the: immune system, blood vessels in the lungs and airways
Dr. Grunig's detailed website

Grunig Lab 



Albert F. Gunnison, Ph.D., M.S.
Research Associate Professor

e: albert.gunnison@nyulangone.org
Interests: inflammation, inhalation, lactation, pulmonary toxicity
Dr. Gunnison's detailed website



Naomi Hallden Harley, Ph.D., M.Eng.

t: +1 201 798 3705
e: naomi.harley@nyulangone.org
Interests: environmental radioactivity, radiation carcinogenesis, radiation measurement, radiation dosimetry, radiation risk modeling and assessment
Dr. Harley's detailed website



Morton Lippmann, Ph.D.

e: morton.lippmann@nyulangone.org
Interests: Human exposure, cardiopulmonary health effects, air pollution, particulate matter, concentrated airborne particles (CAPs), ozone, transition metals, asbestos fibers
Dr. Lippmann's detailed website



Arthur J. Nadas, Ph.D.
Associate Professor

e: arthur.nadas@nyulangone.org
Interests: mathematical statistics; biostatistics; mathematical biology, bioinformatics, HIV, air pollution, environmental medicine
Dr. Nadas' detailed website



Qingshan Qu, M.D.
Associate Professor

e: qingshan.qu@nyulangone.org
Interests: biomarkers, genetic susceptibility, environmental health hazards
Dr. Qu's detailed website



Toby G. Rossman, Ph.D.
Research Professor

e: toby.rossman@nyulangone.org
Interests: arsenic, metal, mutagenesis, carcinogenesis
Dr. Rossman's detailed website



Jerome J. Solomon, B.S., Ph.D.
Research Professor

Director of Graduate Studies
Old Public Health (OPH) Room 302A
t: +1 646 754 9461
e: jerome.solomon@nyulangone.org
Interests: Chemical carcinogenesis, DNA adducts, DNA repair, DNA replication, mass spectrometry, site-specific mutagenesis
Dr. Solomon's detailed website